Preview Project: Chronic Critical Illness in Children: A Scoping Review


Systematic Review Information:

Study Goal

Children with chronic critical illness (CCI) are a unique high-risk population in the PICU at significant risk of recurrent critical illness and persistent long-term morbidity, and become ‘superusers’ of PICU resources. To date, this population has been understudied, in part due to pediatric CCI being a novel concept without an accepted definition to consistently identify these children. This scoping review will seek to first identify existing or suggested definitions of pediatric CCI, and in their absence, identify key terms and constructs to inform the development of a working definition of pediatric CCI for future research. To this end, the proposed scoping review will answer the following primary questions: 1. How is pediatric CCI defined in the current literature? Given the relative novelty of the term “chronic critical illness,” this scoping review will also evaluate how prolonged PICU admissions have been defined. 2. What are the demographic and clinical characteristics of children with CCI based on existing definitions? 3. What are the nature and extent of outcomes studied in these patient populations? Full details and the study protocol can be found at:

Study Protocol

  • CCI ScR_Protocol final_v31 Jan 2021 DZ.pdf - (created on: Feb. 24, 2021, 5:04 p.m.) Download

Description of PI and Investigative Team

The core investigative team is comprised of members with research experience in PICU, ICU, and/or systematic and scoping review methods (including large, crowdsourced reviews): David Zorko (study lead, McMaster University), Karen Choong (McMaster University), James Dayre McNally (CHEO), Bram Rochwerg (McMaster University), Neethi Pinto (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia), Katie O’Hearn (CHEO research institute), Rachel Couban (McMaster University).

Offerings to Reviewers

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Comments & Advice to Reviewers

The #PedsICU community needs your help to rapidly complete this scoping review on chronic critical illness in children! We are seeking 25-30 members (“the crowd”) to help to complete tasks for this large scoping review (>15,000 citations). The goal for this crowdsourcing event is to finish citation screening and determine full text eligibility in 1-2 weeks and subsequently complete data abstraction in another 1-2 week cycle. Join this exciting #PedsICU community collaboration and get involved by helping us answer this important research question. This great networking opportunity will yield one or more publications and potential for involvement in future projects. To qualify for group authorship, it is expected that participants in the crowdsourcing event will complete a minimum of 500 assessments at title and abstract level, and 50 assessments at full text level. A subset of reviewers will be selected to participate in data abstraction and will be offered the potential for named authorship. We anticipate that the individuals selected to perform data abstraction will complete a minimum of 1000 assessments at title and abstract level and 100 assessments at full text level. Participation in the event will be limited in order to maximize the opportunity for crowd members to complete the work required for named authorship.

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